Sexy Scribbles #4

Brynne couldn’t believe her eyes when the door swung open and she was left looking at two thoroughly gorgeous–if also somewhat roguish looking–men. Though they were stark opposites, each was attractive in his own way. Why couldn’t my betrothed be as young and handsome as these pirates? She regarded the man closest to her, with his dark hair and eyes and muscular build.

“State your station,” she snapped in her most haughty, demanding voice.

“Master Burns doesn’t answer to you, lass, and I’ve half a mind to let him take you over his knee and tan your hide for being so presumptuous.” The fair-haired pirate with the striking smile and easy charm had just established who was who without ever letting their respective positions slip.

Brynne narrowed her eyes at him and gave her best impression of an offended sniff. “Judging by that oh-so-subtle threat, I suppose that you’re the captain, and this brooding chap with the guarded eyes is your first mate, perhaps?”

She enjoyed the subtle flush that crept up the darker man’s neck and settled in his cheeks. She let her eyes flick to his big, work-roughened, thick-fingered hands and suppressed a shiver at the thought of those powerful digits striking the pale, tender flesh of her bottom. She had to bite her lip to bring her expression back in check. If she weren’t careful, they might discover that she’d engineered her own kidnapping, and who knows what they’d do if they discovered that little tidbit.

“Ye guess well, lass,” the fair-haired pirate agreed. “I am Gage Callahan, captain of this vessel, and the so-called ‘brooding chap’ is, in fact, my first mate, Reid Burns.”

Brynne frowned at the name Burns. Something about it was familiar, tickling at the back of her mind, but she couldn’t for the life of her think why it was so familiar. She shook off her curiosity and turned her attention to the captain, making a mental note that she wouldn’t mind him spanking her, either. Apparently, she was going to have a terrible time behaving herself as she should around such ruggedly handsome men.

“I assume the two of you already know who I am since you’ve kidnapped me and are presumably holding me for ransom?”

“Aye, Princess, we know who you are and exactly what you’re worth to us,” Gage grinned.

Brynne crossed her arms, glaring back and forth between the two of them.

“You do realize that the Royal Navy will blow this ship out of the water, don’t you?”

“That’s where you’re wrong,” Gage crossed his arms, both mirroring and mocking her. “The Royal Navy knows better than to be daft enough to fire on a ship that’s carrying Her Royal Highness, the Princess of the Realm of Honorest. If they accidentally hurt you, your father would have them all slaughtered.”

Holiday Weekend = Oops

So, with the Fourth of July holiday weekend and everything, I just realized that failed to post for my Sexy Scribbles Saturday this past weekend. So, what I’m going to do is take the post I was going to share with you this past Saturday and post it this upcoming weekend. So, here’s to our upcoming inaugural post for Sexy Scribbles Saturday!

I look forward to sharing my weekly writing exercises with you guys.


HOLY CRAP! Did you know that for Google Docs is a thing? It’s not only a thing, it is an AWESOME thing! Why is it so awesome? Most of the time, I draft my posts in Google Docs anyway, and now I don’t have to copy/paste anymore! I can just open the for Google Docs add-on in Google Docs, draft my post the way I normally would, and click Save in the add-on sidebar when I’m finished!

The add-on saves the post I wrote in Google Docs WITH all the formatting and any images I inserted as a draft on my blog. Do you KNOW how much time this saves? I might be crying tears of joy right now. [Insert Ecstatic Scream Here]

Right, I’m off to work on the next installment of my Sexy Scribbles series!

Sexy Scribbles Suggestion

Okay, so I have a suggestion to make. I didn’t really intend for my sexy scribbles posts to be an ongoing series, but that’s how they’re working out and I’m happy with that. What I’d like to do with them is maybe do one Sexy Scribbles post per week? I’m thinking Sexy Scribbles Saturdays could be a pretty good thing. That gives me more time during the week to work on the posts, which means they’ll be a little longer, and hopefully a little more engaging. What do you think? Should we make it a thing? I think I’m going to go for it.

I’m also thinking about taking these rough drafts I’m producing using the 5KWPH method, compiling them in a document, cleaning them up, editing them, and polishing them. I’m thinking that these Sexy Scribbles blog posts might eventually clean up into a nice little novella. I’ll have to think of a title. I may come up with several and let my readers vote on which one they like best. That might make a cool free gift for my subscribers in the future…definitely something to think about. 

As things stand now, I’m going to take the Sexy Scribbles posts and share them with you on Sexy Scribbles Saturdays. Posting a little bit of this developing story once a week sounds imminently doable, and I think it’ll give my readers something to look forward to on the weekends. I do realize that these blog posts are SUPER rough, but they pretty much are rough draft writing exercises right now. I hope you guys are okay with that?

Let’s take this little brain baby of mine and just see where it leads us, yeah? Cool? Cool.

Sexy Scribbles #3

Reid Burns stiffened when he heard the princess, who was supposed to be unconscious, shouting and banging on the door, demanding an audience. The first mate shot his captain a wide-eyed, surprised look.

“Are you sure she was unconscious, Captain? She sounds both awake and thoroughly upset to me.”

Gage looked just as stunned as Reid felt that the Princess was awake.

“If ye don’t quiet down and stop battering my door, ye won’t be seeing anyone for quite a long time,” the captain shouted.

“Bollocks!” The slightly profane response surprised both Reid and Gage.

Reid leaned his shoulder against the door and grinned over at the captain. “Are you sure we kidnapped the princess, Captain? Sounds like a tavern wench on the other side of this door to me.”

“Excuse me?” Her voice was hot with indignant reproach. “I know that a couple of low-life pirates are not presuming to judge a member of the royal family, whom they happen to have kidnapped!”

Gage roared with laughter and motioned for Reid to open the door so they could continue their discussion face-to-face. The first mate gave the door a powerful warning thump with his fist.

“If you want an audience with your captors, I’d advise standing back, unless you’d like the door to wallop you when I open it.”

Reid was all too familiar with the spoiled little rich girl type. He’d been engaged to one such high society prude before she and her family decided he wasn’t quite rich enough for their taste, and she went after his best friend, instead. Reid Burns was wealthy in his own right, and a Lord, but he left all that behind and sought out a life of piracy in the wake of his devastating public humiliation at Chantelle’s hands. In Reid’s mind, he was immune to noblewomen of any kind.

In reality, the fiery-haired beauty who stood glaring at him when he opened the door made his heart stutter. He drank in every inch of her, from the incensed flush of her pale cheeks to her more than ample heaving bosom. She was petite, but her green eyes held a fierce challenge that warned him she was not to be taken lightly. Those wily eyes darted back and forth from Reid to Gage, and he could see she was calculating her chances of escape.

“Don’t even think about it, Princess,” Reid scoffed.

“Think about what?” Brynne snapped, her tone defensive and disdainful all at once.

“You were considering trying to escape,” Gage drawled with a broad grin. “Ye’ve no poker face at all, lass. You give your thoughts away easily, and without so much as opening that pretty little pouting mouth.”

Something about the captain noticing the princess’s lips and finding them pretty rankled a bit with Reid, and he did his best to squash the feeling. Gage was a good man and a good captain, and Reid knew how fickle noblewomen were prone to being. Besides, the princess was unlikely to engage with them in any way that wasn’t adversarial, since they were basically holding her for ransom. Even if she did want to engage with one of them in a more romantic sort of way, it would most likely be Gage.

Gage was tall and lithe, fair-haired and blue-eyed. Women swooned over him everywhere they went. Reid, on the other hand, was of average height and stockily muscular, with swarthy skin, dark hair, and dark, brooding eyes. The two men were opposites in almost every way, and Reid found that most women tended to go for the tall, charming blond captain rather than his quiet, unassuming first mate.

Madness or Method?

So, as you may or may not know, I wrote my manuscript for my #CarinaPitch submission in just 8 days. That’s a HUGE breakthrough for me, producing a 10,000-word manuscript in just 8 days. It is simultaneously one of the most satisfying and terrifying things I’ve ever done. How did I do it? I embraced Chris Fox’s 5,000 Words Per Hour method.

That’s also the method I’m using to write my Sexy Scribbles installments when I have time. I’m still getting used to juggling having a baby with my writing life.

Sexy Scribbles #2

On the other side of the door, Princess Brynne Isleyn smiled to herself as she eavesdropped on the pirate and his first mate. Everything was going according to plan, so far. She’d be damned if she was going to marry the old, decrepit king her father was trying to marry her off to. She’d rather die.

So, she came up with an ingenious plan to escape her unwanted betrothal. She contracted the most adept thief in the kingdom to steal her dowry from her father’s treasury. The thief was allowed to keep two million of the six million gold pieces. Brynne paid a courier one million gold pieces to keep the remaining three million gold pieces safe at sea until Captain Callahan completed the instructions she’d sent him in her letter.

Of course, he thought he was working or a neighboring kingdom. She chuckled to herself, shaking her head. The poor fool had only tied her hands. It was time to begin playing her part. Brynne banged on the heavy wooden door with her tied hands, crying out in the most indignant voice she could muster.

“Where the bloody hell am I? I don’t know who you are, but I demand an audience!”

Brynne struggled to suppress a grin when she heard both men go still, and one swore quietly.

~To Be Continued~